Austin Chimney Experts


  • How often should I get my chimney cleaned?

    Chimneys should be inspected yearly for freedom of deposits, correct clearances and soundness.
    The weather or unwanted animal activity over a years time can damage and deteriate a chimney making it unsafe to use.
    Repairs and or cleaning should be performed if necessary.

    The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends that masonry fireplaces should be cleaned at 1/8" of soot buildup, and sooner if there is any glaze present in the system. Factory-built or Pre-fab fireplaces should be cleaned when any appreciable buildup occurs. This is considered to be enough fuel buildup to cause a chimney fire capable of damaging the chimney or spreading to the home.

  • What is creosote?

    Creosote is a natural by product of burning wood. It is a combustible deposit that originates from compacted wood smoke.
    Once inside a chimney flue, creosote usually goes through a chemical alteration of the fuel molecules due to heat being administered.

  • Why should my dryer vent be cleaned?

    1. Consumer Product Safety Commission says that in 2000, there were 12,700 clothes dryer fires resulting in $99,400,000 in damages, 330 injuries, and 20 lives lost.
    2. Save on your electric bill.
    3. Your clothes dryer will need to be replaced less often.
    4. Dryer will dry to the best of its ability giving you more time to pursue other interests.